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  • Crafty Inkers Club

    Every month
    • ink workshops, create sessions, support and commuity

The Crafty Inkers Club is a vibrant community within Facebook, where you can learn new techniques, share creativity, and get inspired.

The Crafy Inkers Club is a subscription club where you will get one free workshop a month, plus two creative sessions.  

We cover working with alcohol inks but also how to expand those techniques, how to doodle, how to ink on to different surfaces and how to use your artwork in different ways, and most importantly of course, to have fun and be creative!

Open to all creatives, the club offers

  • One 3 hour workshop a month plus the recording

  • Tips, tricks and techniques 

  • Exclusive early access to workshops and online events.

  • Product reviews

  • Expert Q & A sessions

  • A supportive creative community

  • and much more

What is The Crafty Inkers Club?

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