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I love painting and creating jewellery.  So i decided to really combine the two together.


This is a genuine agate slice that i have hand painted useing paint pens and layers of resin to create this 3D jellyfish.  i have sealed the whole peice with varnish so it will be protected.


I then took some bare copper wire and created a handwoven bail for it to hang from.  i didnt want to detract from the design so kept it as simple as i could.


This hangs on either a black wax cord or copper plated chain. length will be 18" but i can adjust that if you want.


Due to the nature of this design it truely is a one off piece and even if i did another one, it wont be the same.


The whole process for this pendant was around two days allowing for the layers of resin and varnish to fully cure and dry.


I will be doing others in this range so if you would like a commision please feel free to contact me


the pendant measures at 7cm from bail to point and 3.5cm across.  


I have used bare copper wire, this can tarnish naturally but i will include a small piece of steel wire wool which you can use to polish it back to its bright shiney self, or i can add a protecting coat of wax that will slow the process down.  please note this is natural when using bare copper.


if you would like any further information or pictures please feel free to contact me

Jellyfish Painted Agate Pendant

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