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I love Lampwork beads and this is another beauty by the lovely Wendy of Creeky Beads.  she handcrafts these stunning glass lampwork beads in her studio and i love them all! 


All the details on the bead have been created with glass and the effect is stunning.  captured rosed encased by glass, this bead is not only durable but also just simply beautiful.


Framed with heavy bare copper wire and woven decorative details, this cuff braclet will simply hug your wrist.  designed to just hug your wrist this will catch everybodies eye!


it has a an outer diameter of 8" so will comfoftably fit a 7.5" wrist and slightly smaller, it is designed to have a small gap of approx 1".


I have used bare copper wire, this can tarnish naturally but i will include a small piece of steel wire wool which you can use to polish it back to its bright shiney self, or i can add a protecting coat of wax that will slow the process down.  please note this is natural when using bare copper.


if you would like any further information or pictures please feel free to contact me

Captured Rose Wirework Cuff Bracelet

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